Some of my Side Projects

In my free time, I occasionally work on side projects to continue learning new development, design, and engineering concepts. I'm also intrigued by competitive programming and enjoy challenging myself to solve problems with code.

I use sites like HackerRank, Project Euler, and LeetCode to find questions that would force me to think deeply and critically while determining answers. Typically, my process involves figuring out the "trivial" solution first, then continuing to optimize until I'm satisfied with a clean, succinct result. As a bonus, these questions always involve data structures, common algorithms, and patterns that I can apply in my professional projects.


A series of problems across multiple programming languages used to continue learning and prepare for interviews. I reached rank 1 in Python and RegEx.

A desktop program in Python that would take a source image and, using random brush strokes, output a result resembling an expressionist painting.

Project Euler

A series of math questions that typically require some sort of programming to solve. I chose to write my solutions in JavaScript and Python.


Show elements as they enter the browser viewport on scroll. A reusable JavaScript package with customizable animation options.