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March 2020


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Competitive Programming
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Throughout 2020, I was very focused on improving my coding skills by practicing interview questions and solving math problems online. Early in that year, when my interest in Python was piqued, I began solving the problems on a website called HackerRank.

This site gave me the opportunity to practice with questions related to data structures and algorithms. It also was a way to learn the syntax of RegEx (regular expressions) and use it to parse large portions of text, an essential part of data analysis. After six months, I had reached rank 1 in both Python and RegEx, meaning I've solved every problem on the site in both of those categories. At the time of writing this, I've solved 212 total problems in JavaScript, Python, RegEx, and Java.

If you're interested in reading more about HackerRank and seeing some of my solutions check them out on GitHub.



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A desktop program in Python that would take a source image and, using random brush strokes, output a result resembling an expressionist painting.

Project Euler

A series of math questions that typically require some sort of programming to solve. I chose to write my solutions in JavaScript and Python.